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  • A link back to my site is required and must be available to both your members and visitors in an area that is both clearly marked and easy to find. When adding my site to your own links, autorank or friends page, you must follow the instructions found below exactly as they are written or your account will be rejected.
  • All linking sites must either be in English or have an English-translation section.
  • No links to Top Site lists or TGPs permitted...only real, authentic web sites unless previously approved via e-mail.
  • No sites with numeric IP addresses.
  • No sites that contain any type of trickery that may leave my members or guests in a state of bewilderment such as hit bots, blind links, numerous exit consoles, etc.
  • No free hosted sites such as Yahoo "clubs", etc. You must have a membership section.
  • Absolutely no more than one entry per domain without my explicit and prior permission via e-mail.
  • In the event any of the above rules are broken your account will be rejected or may be deleted from this list without notice.


If you also use AutoRank or a similar system for your links, please use the information exactly as it is provided below when adding my web site to your own AutoRank page. Failure to do so will result in your account being rejected.

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Web Site Name: Janet Exposed

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Username to place on your site: janetexp

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Webmasters: To link back to my site, please select one of the banners below and then "hot link" the banner of your choice directly from my web site so that I may update them from time to time as needed. Please do NOT serve them from your own server! (Yes, I know this is not how "most sites" do this but I prefer the control it allows me.)

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